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    Hello I am looking for the lightest/tack fuse schedule I can possibly get away with.

    Tacking pre fired frit balls onto a mask I am making. So, I was wondering what would be the coldest temp I can use to just tack the class to the base of the mask and keep it there.  Just enough to meld together but not to change the shape of the balls at all. I use  90 and am well versed in firing schedules however I just need input from you all. So what would be the coolest temp I can use to ensure the balls will stay put?

    Thanks for the help. I appreciate it…



    Oh, it depends on so many things .. color, thickness of piece, the kiln, the controller, the thermocouple, the distance of the glass from the elements …

    I generally fire at 1300 to 1325 for 1 minute for a tack fuse, but that’s just me and my kilns.

    Try a few test pieces and see what you like.  Embrace failure.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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