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    this might seem like a very stupid question, but when they say “never leave the kiln unattended”, how is that accomplished if you have a 15 or 20 hour firing schedule?

    what exactly do they mean by that?

    I am overly cautious, have an itty bitty paragon SC2 kiln so my firings are so small, length of time is usually not an issue.  But i would love to get a larger kiln, try pot melts etc.

    but i need reassurance!


    I have found that comfort levels vary among artists :). I usually try to plan my firings overnight, so I am home when the kiln is running. I know a person who says she has left on vacation with her kiln still firing. (I would never do this.) If I am running errands I’ll leave for a few hours, but for the most part, I try to be home when the kiln is on. Some people have their kilns on an IP-enabled camera so they can keep an eye on it when not around.

    Many kiln-controllers have an automatic shut-off if the kiln temperature rises a certain threshold above the programmed temp. You might want to consider that when purchasing your next kiln.

    Dana W.

    Fused Glass Designs

    dba Jester’s Baubles



    I have little to add to Dana’s excellent and thorough comment but having reached old age I realize my time is liimited and my ambitions continuing to grow.  I fire regularly with no regard whatsoever after pushing the “start” button.  In 20 years I have yet to have a problem.  I’ve heard of others who have, but I’m feeling secure in this choice for myself.


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