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    After fusing a 10″ round piece to 1/4″ thickness, I lifted the kiln lid to discover one of the heating element metal pins had dropped from the inside lid onto the edge of the glass during the full fuse cycle. I easily removed the metal pin, which was partly embedded in the glass, but it left a 1/4″ long x 1/8″ wide x 1/8″ deep impression, plus some of the glass that was stuck to the pin came up with it leaving what looks like a chip with a gully that runs right off the edge of the glass. I read that fused surfaces with air bubbles that burst can be repaired by filling them with frit powder and re-firing. As the 1/8″ deep gully runs off the edge of the glass, I’m wondering how to fix this. The rim of the glass piece is clear, so maybe I chould glue pieces of clear frit into the chipped area or use glue mixed with clear frit powder to try and fill it to the edge? Then take it to a countour or full fuse? I’d appreciate any suggestions anyone might have.


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