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    I have a question about the use of lava cloth as a base for firing. Has anyone used it and what were the results?

    I purchased a sample pack of 3 different textures of Lava cloth to test. I bought it because it was said that it could be used without any kiln paper for at least 12 firings and also to see what the textures would look like. The two pieces I fired on lava cloth both had very definate patterned texture on the bottoms. However, the texture was coated with white residue similar to the appearance of the fired lava cloth. It looked like kiln wash stuck on the surface. It made the dark green glass look gray.

    I soaked the glass overnite in vinegar and scrubbed with a brush. Seems that the original color of the glass is now more apparent but not vibrant and the texture is still very deep. I was not happy with the appearance coming out of the kiln nor the texture. I am going to re fuse these two pieces to see the results.


    I do not use it myself, but I have a customer who does so.  He found that he needed to prefire the lava cloth to avoid the problem that you are describing.  You may have better results now that kit has been fired once. 


    I re fired the 2 pieces at full fuse  – the very deep bottom texture was not changed. Bottoms still appear somewhat gray in color. Although the texture makes the transparent top look more interesting I don’t like the look on the bottom at all. Don’t think I will use it again except perhaps a small bit for a design if and when I want that texture. Not overall tho.


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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