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    When anyone say’s the temp should be 1400 or whatever, does that mean the highest temp?  There are so many different temps and people always just refrer to only one temp.  One more question if I may… The schedules that I recieved with my kiln is so different from your schedule.  And when I look on the internet at schedule there is no simularites at all.  Could anyone please explain that to me.   I still am so confused, as you can tell.


    You aren’t alone in your confusion about kiln schedules.  There’s a lot information out there that has been passed around and around without anyone really understanding if the information is any good.

    If you can post one of the schedules that came with your kiln I’d be glad to take a look at it.   

    Helios Kiln Glass Studio


    steve worcester

    Generally it is the top temp for thier particulasr process, based on the schedule and the glass they used. It is all variables used to achieve the end result. But that temp is going to vary by kiln, element placement, type of glass (COE) type of process (slump, tack fuse, full fuse). It is best to start with a known COE, and experiment in your own kiln.

    Steve Worcester




    My kiln is a Jen-Ken and here is the schedule the book gave me for Full Fuse (96 COE)

    seg 1 –        300       1220         30min

    seg 2 –        600       1465         10min

    seg 3-         full         960          40min

    seg 4-        100        800           00min


    Hi i have just purchased my first kiln a Skutt Firebox8 and am having trouble understanding if my firing schedule is correct as the pyrometer that came with the kiln is in degrees c not f. I have only done 5 firings but the edges of my pendants on the 3 layer ones are not quite meeting. 2 layers are fine.

    Please Please Please could anyone please give me the best firing schedule for my kiln.

    Thanks Treez

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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