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    We have a Jen-Ken 15-6  AF3P preprogrammed kiln with “one smart controller”.  Just replaced the thermocouple for the kiln as it was running hot. Its worse than before.  We know it was installed properly. Is there a possibility it was defective?

    We fused a 7″ square 96 coe glass on a smalll project setting with the program below.  The piece was full of bubbles.  My kiln shelf is 13″.

    Jen-Kens pre-programmed setting for a full fuse is:

    300 F /hour to 1000 hold 0 mins

    heats full power to 1350 F hold 0 mins

    500 F /hour to 1425 F  holds 10 mins

    heats full power to 950 and holds 30 min

    The kiln is 5-6 years old went 2 years without use started back recently.

    Thanks for your help.




    Your piece is full of bubbles because there is no bubble squeeze in the program.  Is there only one program option?  Can you program in your own firing schedule?


    I did program a bubble squeeze firing schedule and ran it.  My kiln did not like it at all because it took too long.  It gave me a ftl message but did not harm the piece I was fusing.  I called Jen-Ken and they told me to use the preprogrammed settings.  So I’ve stuck to them.

    Thanks for your comments.




    I have a Jen-Ken, but bypass their settings in favor of Paul’s conservative firing schedules here on

    I agree on the bubble squeeze…Jen-Ken’s is not giving you a bubble squeeze.  I also go hotter than 1425 for my full fuse…usually up around 1465.

    Also, if you’re talking with Jen-Ken, ask for Mike.  I had a thermocouple issue with my kiln, and Mike was very helpful.


    I am glad to talk with someone with a Jen-Ken kiln – what size do you have?  My kiln is the AF3P 15/6.  We recently replaced the thermocouple in our kiln.  I did a piece on black irridized glass on the preprogrammed setting for a large project and it was perfect.  Then did a piece on the same setting, same size of green and clear irrid that had bubbles.  Not quite sure I understand why.  Where on here do I find Pauls bubble squeeze?





Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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