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    I am new to fusing and bought a Paragon digital Firefly kiln. It’s small – 8″x8″x4.5″.  All instructions and everything I read online say to never leave the kiln unattended while firing.  That makes perfect sense to me but can I run the kiln overnight without fear of setting the house on fire?  With the time it takes to fire something, it sure limits when and how often I can put something in the kiln.




    I believe if you polled most fused glass artists (without their lawyers present) they would tell you they fire at night while the sleep and even when they go out of the house briefly.

    Make sure to follow all the safety precautions (there is a good review on this site here).

    For years I fired my kiln at night with the controller alarm set to 25 degrees above the highest temp in the program and a baby monitor by the kiln and on my night stand.  The idea is that if you ever have a “runaway” kiln, the alarm will go off and you’ll hear it.



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    Thanks, Paul, for your thoughts and for the little chuckle.


    I have my kiln right now set to “delay” so that it starts at 12:15 AM. By the time I get up tomorrow to work out at 5 AM, it should be in the Need to Watch It Stage (it’s a 9″ square slump), and by the time I leave for work it will be at a temp so I can turn it off and leave it.

    I am now comfortable with firing at night, though it used to concern me… Occasionally, I will set a delay so that it comes on an hour or so before I come home, but I won’t leave it running without me there for more than an hour or two. I time everything so that I’m available/awake when I need to be watching the process closely (which limits how much you can get done!).  Paul has a GREAT firing schedule spreadsheet on the site  that provides the time the kiln should reach and finish each segment. i find it fairly accurate for my kiln.

    Dana W.


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    Thanks, Dana. I have used three different firing schedules from this site and each have been very accurate. I’m very excited and can see that the kiln I purchased is already too small!  I can see upgrading as soon as I can. Cool

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