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    I was working on a kiln pressed project and had already put it through two firings. I was going for a third to get it to about 13-14 inches but when I got to see it the glass melted and ran like water. I used the same firing schedule as the other two times. What do you think happened? Any suggestions?


    The only way glass melts is with heat. I think your kiln misfired….. For some reason it got way hotter then your schedule or you accidentally mis programed…… HEY, WE HAVE ALL DONE IT. Check your controller, it could have a problem.
    I am sure you have thought all these things already, but these are the obvious reasons.


    Yeah. Could have been any of those. Not sure. After the third firing I was trying to cut it down and it cracked into 3 pieces after a week of sitting. Just sitting there and talking on the phone I heard a think sound. 6 firings in all.
    I had to use a tile saw, grinder and lots of love to finish. Check out the gallery to see the final dish 😎. Hope you like it.


    It should read I heard a tink sound.
    Darn autocorrect 🧐


    Hi there

    Am thinking of trying this technique myself and having read the infosheet I am still puzzled about two things and wondered if you could say what you did:

    Firstly, what thickness did you press the glass down to. The guide just says use kiln paper but no indication of which thickness might be best!

    Secondly, how much weight did you have to apply on top of the upper shelf? Obviously has to be enough to overcome the power exerted by the natural surface tension, but now much is enough?

    As for why yours broke, could it be down to the number of firings? I was always told that 4 was the maximum and you should preferably use fewer if possible. Or does this method change this rule and enable additional firings without compromising the glass?

    Thanks 👍


    I’m new to this type of glass. I found the article on this site and thought it was very cool 😎 and decided to give it a try.
    I used 2 small pieces of 1/16 inch thick kiln paper stacked in each corner. Not sure if this is correct but it seemed to work.
    As for the weight, I used an old broken kiln shelf.
    When it cracked was after the third firing. I was trying to get it just a little bit larger when it melted and ran over the edge of the shelf 😂. I then cut it down to size with a tile saw with a glass blade and used my glass grinder to help shape it. Then the 4th firing was to fuse the broken pieces back together.
    The 5th was to fire polish the surface.
    6th was to slump into the tray mold.
    And that was my first attempt at warm glass. 😵. I loved it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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