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    Mark Hall

    I’ve devised a new way to bring fused glass to the glory hole. It’s a spin-off of the roll-up technique which is the standard process used most often. I’ll be giving a lecture on this topic at the 2010 GAS conference held in Louisville, Kentucky this coming June.

    I create a thick-walled compatible colored glass cylinders ready for warm pick up on a collared blowpipe. It requires a bit more work on the fusing end (which I thoroughly enjoy), but makes it a lot easier in the hot shop (for my gaffer). I’ve spent the last 2 1/2 years in R&D to come up with a number of ways to get there, but it all boils down to placing glass in a mold (a pipe inside a pipe) lined with fiber paper and full fusing to shape. Wonderful earmarks result, most notible is the ‘gravity rake’ viewing feature occuring where the spaces are filled in during the final stage. 

    My goal is to share this technique to make it commonplace in the industry. Another feature is that you can use this method to blow glass without the use of a crucible furnace, which is huge! I’m forecasting suppliers offering reasonably priced factory-made thick-walled cylinders wholesaled to glassblowers using this alternative method, despite lossing the draw of gathering the molten batch.

    Pictures speak volumes, so I’ll post some where I can. Ask questions and I’ll share my results. For more info,

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