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    the universe is full of conflicting information about kiln carving! Can anybody help?am using 2 x 3mm bullseye in clear and light aqua. I have a prefired Koi carp on each end which i fear i will lose to melt in if I full fire for the kiln carve water effect c/o Tanya Veit’s tutorial.

    Brad Walker suggests 793-816   Bullseye tip sheet says 770 to 825  Hobbyfuser full fuse suggests 795.  I normally prefer a contour fuse at 780 to prevent wobby edges etc. I then want to slump into a gentle rectangular mould. some say you must leave kiln fibre paper ‘in’, others say you can leave it out as slumping temperature [650 for this mould] wont change the ‘carving’

    be SO grateful for any thoughts. maybe I need to fuse it all together without the koi, then tack fuse them on and then slump….oh nothing is ever simple eh?!

    many thanks for reading



    I suggest contacting Tanya and asking at what temperature her decals will burn out — that is the only issue here. Regarding the full-fuse temps, that all depends upon your kiln. However, there is so l little difference between all the temps you’ve mentioned above I don’t think it will make much difference (unless your kiln runs excessively hot or excessively cold).

    Once you have kiln-carved, I would remove the fiber paper. If you are slumping at 650-665, you are not going hot enough to ruin the kiln-carving. However, leaving the paper in could cause the glass to fall unevenly in the slump.

    2 cents,

    Dana W.


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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