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    Magic Glass Lady

    Can you fusing irrid side to irrid side??

    Magic Glass Lady


    I’ve never gotten it to stick…it’s two metal-coated sides together, and there’s no glass to melt them together.  Even if it temporarily seems to stick, in my experience, it’s always come apart.

    Susan M

    You can fuse irrid to irrid, but you have to take the temp up high enough that the base glass starts to spread slightly, then the edges won’t have a metalic coating and will fuse together.  Often this ends up being not a very pretty sight and the results are somewhat unpredictible.   Susan


    I’ve done irrid to irrid with great results  – I use a resist on one or both sides of the irrid glass, draw out my design and cut it out and sandblast the irrid off where I don’t want it to get some spectacular results.  If you want to do irrid to irrid and both sides retain full irrid coating you will still need to take the coating off of both sides all around the edges, an 1/8 inch or so, or it will not seal – you can take it off with a grinder but a belt sander would be faster and easier.


    Karen at Helios just finished a piece with irid on irid actually.  It’s really nice…there are some parts with irid on irid and some parts with irid on glass so it stuck.  The irid on irid pieces are really shimmery.  Maybe we can get her to post a picture :)



    Karen here…OK – so I’m not happy with this piece because of the SURFACE and I will slump it flat and lap it down and firepolish it and slump it again. HOWEVER, I am happy with what is below the surface. This is an example of the irid on irid technique. Indeed – iridescent coating is metallic and as such, it does not fuse to itself (this is all true for dichro, too). However, glass fuses to irid nicely. So…I did the resist thing on two pieces of irid – on one piece I did a wave pattern. On the other I did a swirl pattern. I sandblasted the irid off the rest of the glass not covered by the resist. I cleaned the pieces extraordinarily well. Then… I placed them irid to irid in the kiln (I also have the Winter collage glass on top of the two irid pieces). Every place the irids touch – they don’t stick, but the shimmer is awesome! Plus there is the subtle shimmer wherever there is just one layer of irid.

    Here is my attempt at photographing the differences up close (no easy task!)

    There it is!

    Have a great day!

     ~ KPT


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