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    I am brand new to fusing and have loads of questions about all of it, but having fun trying to discover answers!  Does anyone know how I can create a hole or a gap through my glass pieces so that I can thread wire through them when fired?  Would this weaken the structure?


    thanks :)


    You can add a piece of fiber paper between the layers of glass to make a channel.  It will not weaken the glass.

    I prefer to have 3 layers of glass.  The middle layer has a section cut out for the fiber paper.  This leaves a more even surface than using two layers.


    Thanks for the info, I am faily new to kilnworking, and plan to try the three layers with the fiber paper tonight!.


    Also, new question,  Does anyone know how to get melted glass out of a mold I forgot to prime with kiln wash???




    You might try putting the mold upside down on two small kiln posts.  Then heat to aroung 300-500 degrees and see if the mold expands enough to release the glass.   Don’t know if it will work with a mold without kiln wash but you have nothing to lose except a little time.


    wow…two great answers. I didn’t think about the 3 layers of glass and I am going to try that shortly.

    Also, I too have a mold that came with some glass from a friend with a piece of stuck glass.

    Thansk for the suggestions for both!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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