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    To include a photo in your forum message you will first need to upload the file to the web so that it can be accessed by others.  FusedGlass.Org does not provide image hosting — but there are some great, free websites that do. I like Photobucket because it is free, easy and their policies regarding hosting your image on their servers — and displaying them on other web sites — seem to be very user friendly.

    1. Upload your photo to your image hosting space.
    2. Copy the web address (URL) of the photo.  This will vary from hosting site to site.  Photobucket shows it right next to (or below) the photo with the label “Direct Link”.
    3. Click the “Start New Topic” button on this site.  The button looks like this:


    4. On the toolbar for the message editor there is a button to insert images. It looks like this:


    5. You will see this dialog box:


    6. Paste the image address (that you copied in step 2 above) into the field labeled URL. 
    7. Click OK and your done!

    Please keep your image width below 500 pixels wide.  Otherwise it will be automatically reduced and image quality will likely suffer.



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