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    I have a square flat texture mold. In order to do a project with it must I fuse my glass separately and then place the fired piece on top of the texture mold and fuse the glass again or do I just begin my project by laying the un-fired glass on top of the mold in order to do my initial fuse. Can I tack fuse with this type of mold?

    This is my plan:

    1. Fuse with the texture mold

    2. Slump the piece in to a square mold


    Thanks for your advice!


    I would lay your glass on the textured mold for initial fuse–full fuse so that the glass really sinks into the texture.



    Stephen Richard

    Is the mould really intended for full fusing?  If not you may find it a “one use” mould.

    Stephen Richard

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    I found with my texture molds that the texture only really showed up after a full fuse.


    Thanks for the advice. My idea was to fire some flower petals, and then use them in a later project, but I am thinking at a full – fuse, they may be mis shapen? what I seem to be reading is that you need the full fuse to get the texture. any ideas?


    Sherry Sealed

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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