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    Hi, I have had to get 2 passwords sent to me because I couldn’t remember my user name or password. I love being able to belong to this wonderful site, but I sure wish that there was an easier way to log-in. I would be the last person to say I knew all the stuff about computers, because I sure don’t!!! This time tonight when I was e-mailed a one time use pass word to get on this site, there was no information for me to use to fix the problem. Could you PLEASE let me know how to get my account set-up and I will write it down. Thank you so much, Wendy C


    I know that the “remember password” feature on the site doesn’t work consistently.  The solution (unfortunately) requires a significant upgrade to the software on which this site is built.  I am planning to do that – but not in the near future.

    An alternative solution (and one that works across all the web) is a free product called LastPass from  I use it both on my notebook and on my Android phone and I would be lost without it.


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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