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    So, I have been asked by Pilchuck Glass School to donate one of my art pieces. I don’t know how they got my name. But,Wow, I’m so excited to have been asked, which leads me to suspect one of my artist friends may have given them my name. They have all been trying to get me out in my studio for a couple of years. This worked! What I am doing is making a picture of one of my themes. It is a face named Luna and she can appear in either the fire,earth air or water (ice) I have never fused before but I have been researching how to do this. I have a small fusing kiln for annealing lamp worked beads and there is also room to do maybe a rectangle 8X10in. So, I need away to have her hung in a window,I don’t have time to do anymore then that as I am taking her to the school, day this thusday. I am just really starting the actual piece tonight, so this is it. I have to work in the morning. So, this will be another all-nighter. So, please give me some ideas so. I have wire that I use to fire ceramics to a stoneware, so it can withstand the heat, but I want it to look good. Any suggestions on a way to hang this piece, also, the glass is 3-4mm thick and moretti glass. I’m starting with the main piece being a semi transparent with a milk-y glowy look. I am wondering if that one sheet will be enough or do you think I need to use two? I will be using the ” Messy” stringers from Franz Art Glass in Shelton,Wa. Close to where I grew up. So, the colors are beautiful. Transparent icey purples, lavenders,pale blues clear moon stone glow pale silvery pinks teals celedons, So, it should be beautiful. Hope I have beginers luck, we’ll see. So, any thing, suggested, I will be ever so gratefull for, Thank you Wendy

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