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    Hi I’m Sophie, Im an art student from the UK currently studying in Ireland on the course that offers glass fusing and slumping.

    my project is based around the architecture of cork and i wanted to show this in glass. i have used enamels beetween glass but i wanted to see if anyone from here had any ideas on what else i could use to fuse between layers of glass to protray buildings. i was thinking of things like paper, copper wire, clay, things that i can test and see how they come out.

    any suggestions are welcome and this will really help towards my research for my project.

    Thank you



    You can use copper or silver foil as long as it is incased in glass.  The copper turns a really nice plum color.  There is also fusible paper that you can purchase at various websites that can be used.  Good Luck


    Try some Mica powder. Just make sure it is completely incased betweem the glass layers.

    Stephen Richard

    Very thin soft metals such as copper and brass work. Paper and other organics require a long time to burn out, and what is left is ash. Clay certainly will not work. Some metals like tin, pewter, lead, aluminium melt or change at too low a temperature, so make sure the metals you use have a higher melting temperature than that you will be using with the glass.  There are a lot of fine metal wires you can use, but remember that the thicker you go and the more metal mass you put inside the glass the greater risk of breakage.  It is also possible in some conditions to adhere copper sheet to the back of the glass with flux and heat.

    Just some suggestions from Glasgow, Scotland

    Stephen Richard

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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