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    I have fused 2, 19 inch clear circles of bullseye glass.  I now whant to fuse pebble like circles of glass, but i want them to somewhat sink into the glass circles but not loose too much of their shape and to still have the circular part of the top above the flatt surface.  The circles are surrounded  with a steel circle dam to keep its shape.  Any ideas of how this can be done and or the firing schedule to make it successful?



    2 things to say…

    Bulleye is COE90, so your small glass circles should be COE90 too.

    The steel circle will increase the heat around them, so it increase strongly the melting of glass along the metal.

    Otherwise, you are looking for a “supertack”, meaning the to set top temperature a bit under the minimum to full fusing. At this level, the small circles should penetrate in the large glasse up to 80/90%; but consider the metal will influence that.

    Do as we all do: testing!



    If I understand corrrectly, it’s the 19″ circles that are surrounded by the stainless rings :).

    I recently fired a very similar piece. I use System 96, so you’ll need to adjust your annealing temp, and potentially your top fusing temp. But my assumption is you are more interested in ramp rates, etc. Note that my 22″ blank was 3 layers, prefused. If you do not pre-fuse yours, you will need to include a bubble squeeze between 1100 and 1250. This is a 20 hour schedule:


    I hope this is helpful — Dana

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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