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    One of my suppliers suggested I use Triolyse epoxy. This glue is now giving me a huge reactions on my fingers even bought hazmat gloves…UGHHH…. still having issue, plus it is not  steady compound. Some bales stay on my fused glass piece for ever (at least so far) and most fall apart within a year. I cant sell my pendants with this in mind. Please someone tell me the glue I should use that will NEVER come apart. thanks a million.


    I use any two part epoxy that dries clear. Rough up both glass and metal where it is to be glued. Be sure you mix equal parts and stir until it is no longer clear. Apply quickly. I put the item under the heat lamp to cure. Check before it gets too hard if you need to reposition. I use this on all jewelry, wine stoppers,letter openers. etc.The best part, you can buy this at any hardware store for less than $5.00. Bev

    Joann N.

    I use ‘The Welder" from WalMart.  It’s similar to E6000 from the craft store, only better. I’ve got pieces I glued 3-4 years ago and they are still attached, no problem.  No mixing like 2 part epoxy. I think the solvent in it is xylene or toluene.  You might want to read the label on what you had a reaction to so as to avoid those ingredients in whatever you buy.  

    A better solution is to drill holes in the glass and  apply a pinch bail.  Then you  don’t have to rely on the glue holding,  and there are no nasty glue vapors.


    A fun little "what glue to use" site that will probably give you several different options. 

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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