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    Hi, my name is Hamed,  I’m from Iran. Please forgive me about my bad english.

    I worked fused glass, Unfortunately we don’t have many supplies in Iran, like standard kiln (I have a handmade kiln, 70*100*30 cm), standard glass (fusion fx90, system 96, etc), and many other.

    Only colored glasses that find in Iran are Ukrinian glasses in only four colors: green, blue, red, yellow.

    I decide to make my own glasses and after search, find this link about Dichroic colors:

    I have a question: Is there anybody that experienced this color before or know about how to use them?

    Beforehand, Thanks a lot about your halp.



    Dichroic glass is made in a large vacuum cabinet/kiln with ionized metals…i think cbs has a video showing the process. More about dichroic:

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    I work exclusively with dichroic glass and the glass coatings are not something that can be made on your own.  The piece of glass in the picture looks to be silver which changes to aqua.  It is double thickness and appears to be on a black background.

    When you work with glass like this piece you can leave the surface as it is or cap it with clear glass.  I like the rich patterns and textures of all the new glass, so I try to maintain the texture.  If you decide to cap it, make sure you use COE 90 which is what Uroboros is.

    I don’t know if you can get Dichro Slide in Iran.  It is dichroic coated paper which can be used on any glass but should be capped with clear glass.




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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