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    Hello to members.

     I am new to this forum and reside in New Zealand. Im also new to glass fusing.

    Learner! learner! Learner on the loose!

    I have a small studio pro Even heat kiln and mainly my glass supply is Italian effetre coe104. I am wanting to make pendants to begin with ( Plate glass , rods and millieflori.) using three layers.

    Would any one be willing to assist with firing schedules and other info for coe104 glass. Im finding it scarce to find. In hindsight I probably needed to go with BE glass or other. However too late and what an exciting challenge ahead lol!

     I realise I will discover much with trial error and experimenting books advice and getting to know my kiln.  Yet I would really

     appreciate any advice.

    Thankyou :) Josie

    Joann N.

    Here is a link with a firing schedule:


    There are a number of firing schedules for annealing glass beads which are usually moretti COE 104 glass on the web.  I’ve played with moretti, and it tends to devitrify.  Web resources state that 104 COE anneals between 940 and 970 degrees F.  Perhaps someone will have a better schedule. 


    Thankyou Joann.

     I have done a first fire and  there is no devitrification or cracks.There are a few bubbles which I personally like but will learn to prevent, and one small piece of glass in the design moved. Thats my next lesson.

    Was very hard to be patient waiting for the room temp cool down and I just had to walk away from the shed and do some digging in the garden lol.

    Cheers. Josie


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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