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    I have heard (isn’t it interesting, how we hear these things, but never remember where?) that we can use graphite in the kiln as molds, furniture, etc. So I bought a quarter inch thick sheet off eBay, to use as a “non-stick” surface on top of my kiln shelf. At the first firing, the graphite turned to powder. So, what gives? Did I hear wrong? Did I get the wrong kind of graphite? Has anybody used graphite successfully in the kiln?




    Graphite tools are used in flame working glass.  I know they don’t like being stuck directly in the flame and will crack.  I haven’t heard anything about using it in a kiln.  Could be some new high-tech thing.



    I got some fun shapes of graphite off eBay, and I did try them in the kiln. I took a very interesting piece out of the kiln, but the smell was INTENSE. I wouldn’t do it again with the kiln in the house, but *maybe* in a VERY WELL VENTILATED area.

    Although the pieces of graphite I used were somewhat “fragile”, they lasted though a firing (pot melt temp) quite nicely.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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