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    Does anyone have sucessful experience with using gold leaf in fusing. I know that people use it sucessfully in lampwork. My experience is it burns out. Anyone have any other experience with it.


    I had success with it in Roger Thomas’s class years ago.

    I remember that it took several layers of leaf to be visible and it had to be sandwiched between sheets of glass.

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    I used it last year for a project.  I does have to be fused between two pieces of glass and not on the top.  I fused the two pieces as you normally would, but not above 1450 degrees in a Paragon Caldera.  I have not tried it with my glass kiln.

    Good luck.



    I did a piece I call Runway with gold and silver leaf. You do have to put it between layers of glass but don’t try to make the leaf laid out in one layer. The gold leaf looks better in layers or scrunched up. If I could ever figure out how to upload my photos to my album you could see what the effect looks like. Silver has to be in several layers to show up.


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    I have been using gold leaf in some of my kilnformed work for a while now.   I sandwich it between two layers of glass with success as well as letting it fuse into the top layer. I use small pieces (about the size of a finger nail or less) and sometimes sprinkle some colored frit on top. it works nicely…try it!


    I have just tried gold leaf as well.  I find that you have need 3 or 4 layers of leaf, a lot more than I started out with, before it really shows up or doesn’t burn away. I have been covering it with clear glass.  With gold & copper leaf more is the answer! 


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