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    I would like to know what type of glue to use for bails etc. on jewelry.  I have used E6000 and goop, but the glass sometimes comes off.


    E6000 and Goop will work. . . Are you roughing up the back of the glass? And the bail?

    I generally rough up the back of the glass with my Dremel as well as the bail. I use a toothpick to spread the glue into the roughed up surface of the glass and then put the bail on. I also “cure” the glue in my toaster oven (although I guess you could use an oven) at 300 degrees for 20 minutes to a half hour.

    I’ve found that roughing the surface, using a small amount of glue rather than a big glob, and heat curing the glue work well. Yes, someone can probably use a hammer and knock the bail off, but my bails stick. I wait at least 24-hours before I test the bail.

    If that doesn’t work for you, you might try Triolyse Adhesive (which is more expensive than E6000)
    or G-S hypo. Some people have also gone with a 2-part epoxy, but E6000 can work.








    Thank you for the information….I do rough up the backs sometimes….not always…but I will be more careful and use the oven to cure the product.


    E6000 works every time. I have a tutorial on using it on my web site (see below). The secrets are

    1)rough up the back and the attachment point on the bail  WELL..

    2) work the glue into both sides

    3) use the minimum amount of glue you can and wipe off the excess immediately.


    Barry Kaiser

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    Immediately after applying glue to both the glass and the bail – and putting them together – pull them apart and let stand for 3 – 4 minutes.  Then reattached and don’t even look at it for 24 hours.

    E6000 is a silicon glue and, like all silicon glues, moisture helps it cure.  Pulling the pieces apart briefly helps introduce moisture from the air into the glue and will help it set.  Also, if you live in a particularly dry climate, curing the glue may take longer.

    We use E6000 all the time for bails and (even with no roughing up) have had excellent results.  The 24 hour rule is critical.

    Helios Kiln Glass Studio


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