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    I have used 527 with no problems so far.


    Thanks Linda!  I appreciate the info!


    Glass Fever

    I am another big fan of Epoxy 330, it’s all I use anymore.  I have only had 1 customer bring 1 pendant back to re glue the bail.  Although she didn’t admit to it I think it may have gone through the wash.  To the person who asked about super glue, no that’s not a good option at all. 


    I get them from Heather, Rio, Rings & Things, Thunderbird and (when I order a lot) Fire Mountain.

    Cindy R.


    I use the pinch bails with a loop of wire. Insert a loop of wire into pendant before you fire. Clean up wire and add pinch bail. Saves drilling a hole.Bev


    I have used system 330 and it seems to work really well. I have started to cure it in a studio toatser oven and that seems to make a great bond between the glass and bail. and I agree with another member roughen both glass and bail.

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    I’ve tried sooo many glues!  JB weld, grey and ugly has held up for years.  I don’t feel its a quality product if there is a chance the bail will come unglued.  I’ve heard from glass jewelry artists that have 10 years experience that E6000 is good, it must be fresh.  Thw 2 part glues must be used before they skin over or get stiff or they won’t hold. Drilling holes is a very good option. I embed fine silver for pendants and earrings but I still wish there was a fail proff glue for post earrings!  good luck!  ( Always use glues with good venilation!!)

    I tried to enter a link to my blog, so you could see the bails, if it dosn’t work its:   http;//  enter "glass" in upper left search area so you don’t have to look at the other art.



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    Outstanding quality findings designed by someone who uses them herself.

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    I prefer using adhesives to epoxies (less messy). However, I like BOTH E6000 & triolyse. But I’m cheap and E6000 is, too ;-) Seriously – the secrets to good adherence: absolutely rough up the surfaces and clean them well. You want to COVER the area of the bail, but only THINLY. A good way is to put a dab on the bail, squeeze it onto the cabochon. Some, but not a lot, should spill over the edges. If a lot comes out, you need to use less. The nice thing about E6000 is that once you give it plenty of time to cure (48 hours is good), then you can clean up the excess with a craft knife. With regard to waiting time – if you want a good bond, it needs to cure. Consider this  – Hextal (sp?) glass laminating glue takes over a week to cure!!

    If you are using triolyse – remember – give the solvent a good 30 seconds to evaporate after application before sticking the adhesive side to the solvent side. Again – a little, but not much, should squeeze out from the bail if you are using the right amount. After curing, it cleans up nicely with alcohol. Triolyse yellows – don’t use it on transparent pieces.


    Have a great day!


     ~ KPT


    petra kaiser

    I agree, E 6000 is cheap and works in most cases. You need so little that over time we had problems with it drying out. Now we keep it always in a zip lock bag and it stays workable for much longer.

    petra kaiser –



    I didn’t have much luck with E6000, so I tried Triolyse and it has been working great! 

    It works best when you put the bail on the glass piece exactly where you want it and don’t move it around at all.



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    Steve Immerman

    I use 5 min, two part, Devcon Epoxy. It is a bit brittle – so if the piece gets dropped from a height the bail may pop off. But, I’ve found it more secure than the E6000.

    As for grinding the bails – make sure you don’t do this where you will be working on glass. The flecks of silver will leave mysterious brown spots on French Vanilla.



    Devcon 2-part epoxy works great if you rough up the glass back.


    I have tried just about everything. I used a two part epoxy for a long time, until I was packing for a show and things started popping off. We spent all night cleaning and glueing. I used E600, after a couplke of hours I heat set evrything for 30 minuets at 200.

    I have been using it with a 95% success rate since then.  I hvae ocassionaly had a bail and cab that just don’t seem to want to be together.

    We recently moved from Virginia to Hawaii, and about 80% of all the bails came off or where lose. The container they where in was the only one to have any damage, something got wet and as it was July every thing was very hot, that is the only think I can think of that mad them pop.

    I cleaned, glued and cured with no problems.

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