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    Can anyone advise me please.

    I have a Skutt Firebox 8 with a Glassmaster controller. First kiln (apart from a hotpot) so am a real beginner but a quick learner.

    I have started with some test runs.

    I did a Fast / Full test run and that was ok – I just used a little pile of scrap glass as shown in the kiln instructions. It reached 1465 degrees which it held for 10 minutes and completed after 3.45 hours at 800 degrees, My pile of glass was fused reasonably into itself but not as completely as I had expected.

    I then did a second test – this time with a 2 * 3mm layered cross on which I piled a little dichroic fine frit for decoration. I used Tack Fuse / Fast,

    This only acheived 1330 degrees, again for 10 minutes, took 4.01 hours to completion at 800 degrees and left some rough edges on the long edge of my cross.

    I decided it needed to be hotter but totally failed to program it to raise the temperature. I have no instructions at all as to what the pre-programmed programs are. The programs appear to be in only 4 segments as my attempts to change the temperature passed through 4 programs but I couldn’t get the controller to do anything so gave up and was not sure which segment was which anyway as they are not specified anywhere that I can find..
    I’ve noted also that my programs only have 4 hold phases, that i can detect anyway – where it shows a countdown.

    I refired my cross but on Fast / Full. This again went to 1465 dgrees and took 5.11 hours this time.

    My dichroic frit is still standing proud (and sharp) on top..

    I am wondering if my kiln is not getting hot enough ??.

    Also wondering why the fusing time is going up and up. Was the first fire so much quicker (3.45 against 5.11) because I was firing less glass ?

    The “glass fire mode” schedules i’ve managed to find  after a lot of Googling seem to suggest that 1350 is Tack fuse temperature and 1480 is full – mine is only doing 1330 and 1465 ?

    These schedules also show 8 segments – I think mine roughly equate to segments 1 5 7 and 8 but the temperatures are not quite the same and mine only holds for 10 minutes on maximum temperature though schedule shows 15 minutes.

    Question. Am I being really stupid here. i think I have learned quite a lot in my 3 days of testing as I knew nothing at all before but it really would be helpful if the preprogrammed kiln came with details of what those preprogrammed programs are !

    Would also be useful if the controller did what it says in the instructions when i try to change it. Instructions refer to flashing temperature between the number and an F but mine only shows the temperature.

    If anyone can throw any light on my problems I would be most grateful.

    Joy xx .

    PS The problem with getting a new kiln for Christmas in the UK is that everyone is closed until the New Year so I can’t consult the company I bought it from and am chaffing at the bit to get going properly.

    Stephen Richard

    Go to the manufacturer’s web site. Most have extensive information there.  You have already found out why the pre programmed schedules are not a good idea.  Concentrate on entering your own schedules into the controller rather than the pre programmed ones

    Stephen Richard

    blogs at: and


    I have the same kiln. It is realy easy to program when you have learn how to do it. You can program up to 6 segments/program.
    You can read in the HotStart Pro and FireBox 14 Operating Manual how you do it..

    Hope this help.


    IThanks, that gives me confidence now to try my own program having done a couple each of the 3pre-programmed ones. Tomorrow I will try to do a Task Fuse but with a temperature increase of 10 degrees.

    Thanks very much

    Joy xx


    Thank you. I’ve downloaded everything I can find. All I need to do now is follow the instructions and hopefully I can first of all do a firing with a slightly raised temperature as a first programming trial.


    Joy xx

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