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    I have a Taurus 3 ring saw and just bought a Ryobi wet tile saw for cutting slabs (as in the scrap glass project that I found on this site) and for cutting pattern bars.  I’ve actually not used the Taurus 3 yet but have done enough research to know that cutting pattern bars on it seems to be problematic.  I learned this after I purchased it.  Has anyone used the Taurus 3 with the mega blade for cutting slabs?  Can these saw be used for for 3/4″ thicknesses?

    My first attempt at using my wet tile saw with a diamond blade for glass was a disaster and I hope I didn’t waste money on this saw.  I bought the QEP glass tile blade at Home Depot and wonder if that was my problem?  Maybe it’s not good enough?

    My issue was chipping, huge chips and the saw seemed to be doing almost nothing.  Was I pushing the slab to hard?  Is chipping due to my technique or a poor blade?  I know that tile saws are more about grinding than cutting…but these really seemed to make little progress and huge chips.

    I’m desperate to know what works.  Please let me know how you’ve successfully cut thicker slabs of glass (such as the scrap glass project or pattern bars).

    Thank you in advance.




    Sounds more like a problem with the blade than with the technique. Hisglassworks sells nice blades for tile saws.



    Jester’s Baubles Fused Glass Designs


    I’ll second that endorsement for

    They are experts on all things cutting/coldworking, carry an exhaustive line of products, and they are exceptionally good people.

    Helios Kiln Glass Studio



    HIS glassworks is great about helping you figure out what you need, if you email or call them they will help you pick the right blade based on your needs. They are extreamly patient with questions and do not try to upsell/over sell.


    I was taught, and have subsequently followed, the advice expressed above. You can buy a regular tile saw from a standard hardware store, but you can’t use one of their blades, even if they’re advertised for glass. Therefore I get diamond blades from HIS Glassworks and they work perfectly with my Ryobi from Home Depot.


    Sorry hit the return to early so ignore my “absent” post please.  I acquired a wet tile saw and was having the same sort of trouble cutting glass.  I ended up ordering a better blade from HisGlassworks for just under $100 if I remember right and as long as I went slow I had much better luck (particularly near the end) – be the tortoise – not the rabbit.




    I LOVE hisglassworks for most everything, but I bought some diamond blades from Ukam and they cut cleaner and faster than any other blades I’ve tried. They are also less expensive. You can find them on the web at

    Meryl Raiffe


    I appreciate all the feedback from everyone.  This was very helpful and I’ll let you know how things turned out!

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