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    Ive seen small molds for sale to make fused glass pendants with.can these molds be used in the microwave kiln? I want to get one of those molds but dont want it to crack or explode or something if I try to use it in my microwave kiln.

    Also, when a mold is used,does it need to be coated with something so the glass doesnt stick to it?

    Your input is appreciated thanks!!!



    also if it needs to be coated with something what would you recommend?


    Stephen Richard

    Should be useable in microwave kiln.  The Sseparator to use is called kiln wash.  Many brands available from S.G. suppliers.

    Stephen Richard

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    But I did try cutting a small “kiln shelf” out of unglazed ceramic tile for my microwave kiln, and it took significantly longer to fire.  I had kilnwashed it, but the glass actually stuck to it once it finally fired.  I abandoned that idea!



    yes you can do it, but you will have to be very patient. in this case the molds are more likely to crack than the glass, so you will have to start on very low wattage and increase very slowly. I never could muster enough patience myself when I tried it in a microwave kiln, but I have a friend who makes gorgeous cabs in her microwave kiln in such molds.

    it might also be a good idea to elevate the mold a little with something, maybe thick fibre paper strips or something.

    hotline primo primer is a very good option for priming the molds.

    good luck Smile!


    I run the hell out of my microwave kiln, you need mold hardener, fiber blanket and shaping tools.

    email if you need the required items

    Thank You


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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