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    What kind of wire can I use to fuse hangers into my glass.  I am not crazy about the look of the hi-temp wire.  Has anyone ever used brass?

    Thanks,  Kathy



    What are you making? Silver is great for jewelry since it comes out as nice as it went in. Sterling silver, brass and copper develop firescale or firestain which requires cleaning/scrubbing/polishing/tumbling to remove. Stainless steel also develops a black coating.

    Again, the wire you use will depend on the application and how much work you want to put into it after the kiln does its work.



    I plan to create a fused glass piece that has copper wire as its inclusion. I have used copper in my previous work but I always cover it with a clear cap. Do I have to cap it? If not, will the copper stay slightly above the surface? I am afraid to experiment! I need advice from someone who has done this. I want the copper to act like a subtle barrier defining the various shapes and colors of each glass (ie.: a white house having a light blue sky and green grass). Any suggestions?   Thanks!


    We use fine silver if we want to create a hanging point in our pieces.  We have done it in dichroic and regular glass fusings.  Have made bracelet links as well.  It is always pretty because it does not get firescale, just needs to be hammered prior to putting it into your piece to harden the soft metal.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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