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    I have a customer asking if I can make a pendant and fuse some birthstones into it. I’m thinking that the answer is “no” but I thought I’d ask just in case. I don’t like to assume.






    I read that one can fuse cubic zircona birthstone colors into fused glass pendants. You have to make a setting for them with glass or frit so they stay on the glass. I have not tried this but hope someone knows if it will work.


    Stones are rated for their “measure of hardness” (MOH). The harder they are, the more likely they are to withstand high temperatures. Any of the places that you can purchase stones will likely also include information on MOH. You’ll probably find more resources on setting stones in metal clay, but it will include the MOH information and temps the stones can withstand.

    One link is this:


    I haven’t tried firing stones in glass, and as they say in the link above, “there’s always the risk of losing a natural gemstone” (during firing). Proceed only if you are willing to lose the stone.

    EDIT: All that being said, the other risk you’ll have is the incompatibility between the materials. Everything in this universe expands and contracts at a different rate when heated (in glass, the COE — expansion coefficient). Differences in expansion rate between the glass and the gemstones may cause the piece to crack. But like I say, I haven’t tried.

    Dana W.

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    I searched and found the info on fusing zircons into glass. Connie Brown

    Yes, I have added cubic zirconia to several pieces, and it works great!  Here is more information: http://www.glass-fusing-made-easy.com/cubic-zirconia.html


    It is my understanding that you can drill a small hole for the stone to sit in and full fuse. You can use either a cz or a swarovski crystal(more colors, sizes and less expensive). I have fused both in metal clay at temperatures much higher than fusing temps and for longer with 100% success. Anyway, it can be done, but do experiment a little before hand, so you know how deep to drill the hole.


    Haven’t tried cubic zirconia, but just shut off the kiln on the same project with Austrian crystal gems.  Don’t know if this is going to work out.  My faceted jewels turned into cabs instead!  I guess the melting point of Austrian crystal isn’t as high as I’d hoped.  When everything cools I will report in on what happened.


    Using Swarovski crystal works, sort of, if you don’t mind losing the facetting.  I fused some lovely pendants with the gems nestled in the center of a pile of small shard.  Looks like gems caught in ice.


    Try lowering your fusing temp about 20deg F and lengthening your time some.  I have been doing this for a while now with most everything and am much happier with the results.


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Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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