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    I am new to fusing glass but am enjoying it very much, creating random patterns in a round former, I am even loathed to throw out the failures, mostly due to cross contamination of different glass, there is one thing I have been experimenting with and that fusing leaves between two pieces of 3mm bullseye clear glass, they come out as faint fossils which look very nice but are not very defined, I have painted them with a release agent which retains the shape ok but tends to lose the delicate veins and details of the leaves, has anyone tried to fuse leaves into glass? I would very much appreciate any experience anyone has had, in the mean time I have a leaf in the kiln that I sprayed with high temp spray paint.

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    I’ve dried leaves and then cut fiber paper to the shape of the leaf to back it up and give it more depth. I have backed leaves with mold material– silica flour and pottery plaster– which allows me to re-shape the leaf and give it more depth. You can pour a mold for the leaf and then accentuate the details on the mold.

    By “thickening” the leaf, the glass above it thins out some to reveal a bit more texture.








    What type of fiber paper are you using?


    I use a 1 mm paper that I can use in multiple thicknesses.



    I’ve painted leaves with enamels & with ceramic glazes – the glazes are easier to use & work with any glass coe/type.



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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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