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    We all know that practice makes perfect but glass is expensive.  Are there any really good places to get lots of scrap glass for practicing purposes so that one can save the really good glass for when we are more experienced fusers? 

    Stephen Richard

    It is a sad fact of life that good things cost.  You can use float (window) glass and many of the experiences learned can be transfered to fusing glass with appropriate changes in temperatures.  You can also look to buy cullet from other workers.  These will be small pieces, but can be built into larger pieces if wanted.

    There is a cheap fusing glass called Baoli (Bao Li) made in China.  It gives a range of compatible colours for fusing.  I have also heard that that an American company is or has come out with something less expensive than Bullseye or Uroboros – don’t remember which, as I’m not there.

    Stephen Richard

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    Wissmach  came out with a COE 90 glass a couple of years ago.


    Many of the glass stores have scrap bins that they sell by the pound. Check your local store. Or check out eBay.

    Look through your tub of things to be recycled for bottles, jars, etc. Thrift stores and garage sales are fantastic places to find inexpensive glass plaques, bottles, plates, dishes, glasses, etc. that can be used to re-create….you will probably need to do some adjustments to your firing schedule though.

    Good luck and most importantly, have fun!



    Wouldn’t it be rather frustrating and a waste of time to try fusing scrap glass from unknown sources because of the compatability?  Unless you know exactly what you’re getting, I would think you would have more fails and truly learn nothing.  Some of the glass sites do have scrap lots for sale…Slumpys does for sure, in their “Odd Cuts”.  At least you know what COE you’re getting.

    Just my opinion.



    A good glass store will have their scrap sorted by coe.  Same with a seller on eBay or elsewhere, as long as it is a reliable seller, and they note the coe….but it doesn’t hurt to start a conversation with the seller to get a feel for their knowledge. There are several glass sites online that sell fusible glass scraps.

    Most any experiences with glass, even failures aren’t a total loss, that is how we learn and grow.

    Scrap glass is an excellent starting point in glass fusing, I think.

    Stephen Richard
Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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