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    I am stumped and need advice. I attempted to fuse two pieces of yellow cathedral stained glass (unknown COE). The pieces were cut from a single sheet of glass, so don’t think this is an incompatibility issue. I fused with the same schedule I have been using successfully for over a year (conservative ramp up, annealing, cooling, etc). When I went to get it out of the kiln this AM, the bottom had thousands of cracks; looked like pieces of mica that were delaminating. After an hour or so, I noticed that the top was beginning to do the same thing. Any ideas on what happened? I figured I could fuse two pieces of the same cathedral glass, but apparently not. This was yellow and turned a muddy, opaque yellowish gold color. I did successfully (I think) fuse a red cathedral last week and then slumped it into a mold. Turned out fine, but the color changed to an opaque orangish brown. Ideas? Comments?  Thanks!

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