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    I have several specialty glass books for sale. They are as follows:

    Etched Glass Techniques & Designs by Norm and Ruth Dobbins. This is a 144 page, hard backed book on various chemical and mechanical methods of glass etching. It contains many high-gloss detailed photographs. The book is in excellent condition. The list price on the book is $29.99. I am asking $15.

    A Beginner’s Guide to Kiln-Formed Glass by Brenda Griffith. This is a 128-page softback book on fused glass art. It is as new condition. It contains numerous high-gloss photographs. It is both a tutorial and contains many beautiful patterns. The list price on the book is $21.95. I am asking $12.

    Glass Fusing Book One by Boyce Lundstrom and Daniel Schwoerer. This is a spiral-bound, 137 page tutorial on fused glass art. It shows minimal signs of aging and wear, but is in overall very good condition. It too contains many high-gloss photographs and patterns. This book goes for as much as $199 new. The average used price is $34.23. I am asking $18.

    Contemporary Fused Glass by Brad Walker. This is a 208-page softback book. It is in as new condition. This is generally accepted to be the Bible for fused glass artist. This contains many high-gloss color photographs and patterns. It sells for $47.95. I am asking $30.

    Shipping will be $4.00 for one book with an additional $2.00 for each additional book. If you buy all four books, I will ship them for free.

    Sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to insert photographs. Email me and I will send you photographs, if you so desire.

    Contact Russ498@yahoo.com




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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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