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    Hello Everyone,

    I recently moved and have not yet set up a perminant studio.

    I am used to having a seperate building as my glass studio and therefore fumes have never been an issue.

    I am considering setting up my small glass kiln in the basement (to make small fused jewelry pieces) and my partner has some concerns about fumes that might be present when firing.

    I have always had a hood fan for lampworking and stained glass work, but I have never given much consideration to any fumes that may be given off during the fusing process.

    I am aware that kiln wash and bead release can be toxic in powder form (I use shelf paper in my small kiln and am very careful with cleanup, my shelves also have kiln wash on them).

    I suppose that my question in a nutshell is if anyone is aware (formal training) whether or not there are any fumes given off by either the glass itself, the kiln wash or the paper in the firing process? I will not be using any metals in the kiln (except maybe some high temp wire).

    Thank you in advance to everyone that has any experience with this.




    Fumes are not a problem. The only things in thinfire and fiberpaper are organic binders which mean you get (a little) CO2.

    Barry Kaiser

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    thomas decker

    fiber paper when burning off stinks  I would say at least a fan and an open window.


    I fire Thinfire in a basement. There is not much fuming and I usually don’t vent since the binders burn off rather quickly at such high temps.

    Dana W.

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