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    I bought the Anraku frit piston from Delphi. Fortunately, they have stopped painting the working part of the tool so there are no paint flakes but there are still lots of metal filings that mix with the glass. I have tried to use the very powerful magnet that comes with it but I don’t know when I have gotten all  the filings. Also, it’s almost impossible to get the filings off of the magnet. Any suggestions before I send it back? I was really looking forward to making my own frit.


    I went to a local welding shop and they made me one for $40. No paint, No filings….works great

    Stephen Richard

    The advice I was given was to encase the magnet in a plastic bag. Then take the magnet out of the bag over the waste bin to clean it.

    Stephen Richard

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    I got advice of a fuser of many decades – get a nutri bullet. I bought one off craigs list and can make any size frit. One of the best pieces of advise i have every gotten

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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