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    Thank you Paul for your generosity of sharing your technique! I love using it, and can’t look at organic matter without wondering what it would do with frit sprinkled on it! lol

    While I was out collecting leaves and such the other day, I noticed our yard has a huge amount of mushrooms in it. They are white flattish ones with a brown spot on top. I carefully collected a few and have them pressing now….their undersides are very cool.

    My question/concern: does anyone know if they are safe to use in a fossil vitra project….”cooking” them in the kiln? (My kiln is in the house.)


    Pam B

    Pam B

    guess the biggest point would be that firing in the house without proper ventilation is hazardous… no matter what. Chemical toxins from shelf primer and paper are probably worse then mushrooms of any variety.

    I just fired a piece using spanish moss.  The moss is so fine I coated both sides. I cut glass branches to drape the moss around and fired all on top of a sheet of glass instead of under.  turned out great.



    I can’t help but wonder if the mushrooms could be worse…knowing that some are deadly. Not sure if they will kill us or make us high! lol

    Awhile back I tried spanish moss too…..not the greatest success mainly because I used colors that weren’t the most attractive (as I was experimenting), and I think I should have used more than one layer of glass. Sounds like your idea worked out pretty cool.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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