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    Hello everyone,

    Pre-warning: I am a newbie so please excuse all the questions! I looked around on the forum and didn’t see them answered anywhere, but please forgive me if they were. :)

    I recently started glass fusing and love it. My parents are building a new house and have tons of old window glass. It is not in frames – just the glass itself. I know it can’t be fused with anything else because of the COE, but I just want to be sure that it is safe to put into a kiln. Is there any kind of glass that should NOT go into the kiln?

    My good friend owns a window business so I can get tons of it, but he was asking what kind I prefered? Tempered? Old leaded (sounds scary), etc. Any ideas?

    Also, I am in the market for a kiln. My glass teacher is a distributor for Olympic. Has anyone had good/bad experiences that they could share? I’m not opposed at all to buying a different brand. Just trying to gather opinions!

    Thanks so much!



    Hi Jennie,

    There are lots of excellent techniques for using float in a kiln (which is absolutely safe) – but they are generally different from the types of things people do with System 96/Uro/Bullseye.  Firing temperatures (and schedules in general) usually run about 100 degrees F higher with float tha “fusible” glass.  It also has a much higher tendency to devitrify – so consider an overspray (like Super Spray).

    Slumping, kiln-carving, and using enamels all work well with float.

    You can remove the temper from glass heating and re-annealing it.


    Helios Kiln Glass Studio



    I am also new to fusing and this site.  I am confused about the difference between float glass and fusing glass.  What determines which uou would use?

    I really love this site, thanks so much for,sharing this wealth of informatin.

    Flee at webetilin’ Studios



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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