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    I have a side fire Skutt kiln that I’ve been using to fuse my glass pieces.  I’ve got it worked out so it’s fusing beautifully by damming the radiant heat from the sides and ramping slowly through the thermal shock phases.  I’m going to attempt my first slump into a bowl and I’m wondering if I have to dam the radiant heat with molds too or if a really slow ramp is fine.  The bowl is about 12″ across and about 3″ deep and the glass is 96COE ranging from one layer to 5 layers (it’s a very detailed floral motif that’s tack fused) with the thickes part being in the center base of the bowl. I don’t really have dams that are tall enough to put around the mold once it’s up on stilts, etc.

    I find that I have to raise the final temp on my kiln by about 25 from the schedule posed on this sight, should I try that same approach with the slump schedule?  Also, if it doesn’t slump enough, I can try again with a higher temp, correct?  I’m very new to fusing/slumping glass and learning as I go.

    Thanks so much for any advice!!!



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