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    I’m attempting my first screen melt with the goal of using it in a drop ring.   I have a 10 inch round ss screen and I want to melt into a 8 inch ss ring. The drop ring is two inches thick (Bluefire Mold #3118D) and I’ll be using 6 inch kiln posts to support it so the melt needs to be a half inch thick. Using Paul’s wonderful screen/pot melt calculator I came up with needing 36 oz. of glass and I added just under 10% to make up for the glass that will stick to the screen.

    I had a trouble getting the glass to stay stacked up so that it would melt down into the 8 inch ss ring without melting over it so I used a six inch ss ring (lined with fiber paper) to contain the scrap glass on the screen. The 8 inch ring is also lined with fiber paper. I will also be melting on fiber paper not directly on the kiln shelf.  Is there any problem with doing a melt this way? I’m using about 1/3 Tekta, 1/3 BE French Vanilla, and 1/3 BE turquoise blue – I like reactions and I’m curious to see what will happen in a screen melt.

    I’m also following Paul’s screen/pot melt schedule:
    600  – 1700 hold 90
    full  – 1540 hold 30
    full – 960 hold 60
    50 – 800 hold 0
    100 – 700 hold 0
    200 – 100 hold 0

    This schedule assumes 1/4 inch and I’m fussing to 1/2 inch. Should I have changed this schedule? How? Maybe increase the hold time at 960? My kiln (Paragon Pearl 22) runs cool and I usually adjust temps by adding 25 degrees but I’ve never run this hot before so I didn’t adjust the schedule. I’ll peak near the end of the first segment and adjust if needed then.

    I put the screen on the six inch posts because I had them out to measure for the drop ring (yes- I’m lazy!). Is there and rule as to how high or low to to place the screen melt? How, if at all, will this effect the pattern in the screen melt?

    It’s already in the kiln so for know I’m just crossing my fingers….

    Yikes!  I guess I must have set a “user settable” alarm in the past and now it’s beeping like mad but still running. I don’t want to monkey the alarm and risk messing up the schedule. I guess my kilns max temp is 1700 so it’s a good thing I didn’t adjust the temps up – I’m not sure if it would have let me set a temp over it’s max temp – anyone ever tried to set a Pearl 22 to over 1700?



    Peaked at near the end of the hold at 1700. Man is that hot! Was wearing protective gloves and glasses but my forearms still got singed just opening the kiln. Even with glasses it was hard to tell how much glass had melted through. I know there was still glass dripping but there was also glass in the ring. I guess I’m going to have to wait until it cools to see if this worked or not.

    I now have a new understanding of “white hot” …


    The Pearl 22 won’t let you set it over 1700° F.

    When the alarm goes off you can just hit enter. You can also hit the alarm button and set it for something arbitrarily high over 1700 to keep it from going off again.  When I fired at home I left mine at 1750 since that would serve as alarm if the kiln ever over-fired.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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