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    Undecided Hi, I am wondering has anyone got a tried & true Firing Time Schedule for a SC3 Paragon Kiln…. I  tried a Ramp 1 -Full, Temp- 810 degree F…..Hold- 15 min….the firing was ok, but I have seen better…. has the firing got to do an Annealing Round as well or not?… I am new ro this firing game, have been working with Dichroics for 3 years now & have just bought my own KIln!!! Yippee, took a while but was worth not having to travel to fire my pieces & some people are reluctant to share imformation…Frown… never mind… Any advice would be appreciated greatly. Cheers Jenny M.

    Stephen Richard

    Firiing schedules relate to things like thickness, purpose, size, work to be done, glass used, and a host of other variables.

    Full speed to top temperature is not usually a good idea, even if you are firing jewellery scale items.  You don’t say what glass you are using, but 810C is a bit high for some glasses.

    Each time you fire glass it must be annealed.  Each glass has different annealing soak points and annealing speeds.

    I don’t know your kiln from a model number.  Giving the specifications of the kiln is a good idea when asking for advice.  I suggest that 220C/hr is fast enough for the initial heating to 650C range where a bubble squeeze is useful, then ca 330C/hr to 804 for 10 mins for Bullseye.  Cool as rapidly as possible to ca 516C and soak there for ca 30mins, begin the anneal cool at 80C/hr to 370C, no soak, followed by the final cool at ca 200C/hr to ca. 50C.

    Of course, this may vary from kiln to kiln and glass to glass.  Get a good introductory book, like Brad Walker’s “Contemporary Warm Glass” to guide you through the initial stages.

    Stephen Richard

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    The firing schedules on this site (under the Tools menu above) all include step-by-step explanations of WHY each segment has the ramp, temp and hold time that it does.  Even if you never use the schedules, reading a couple of them will teach you an enormous amount about how to successfully fire glass.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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