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    I am new to fusing and I have a question about the firing schedules as far as layers are concerned.

    If my piece has some stacks of glass that are three layers and others are two layers, do I use the schedule for three layers?

    I’m a potter that has become enthralled with hot glass. I have been buying books and stalking hot glass websites and forums for months. I have assembled several pieces and now I’m stuck at the putting them in the kiln and just firing them! HA!

    I have a Paragon Janus 27 pottey/glass kiln and I haven’t done any glass yet. It holds a 26″ kiln shelf so I’m hoping to do some larger pieces eventually.

    Thank you in advance for any help anyone can give me!

    This forum was a great find Laughing






    While I’m no Paul Tarlow or fused glass queen, I think you will want to use a fusing schedule for the 3 layer, as it will take longest for those pieces to heat all the way through and they will need a slower annealing period too. If you used the 2 layer, the 3 layers would not be heated thoroughly nor would they have long enough to anneal properly.  I don’t think the longer firing would result in any damage to your 2 layers. Just my two cents but I’m relatively novice at firing my own kiln so may wait until Paul answers you.


    Thanks for the response.

    I was kinda leaning that way, but it’s good to have the reasons pointed out.

    I have so much to learn!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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