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    Just joined and love reading everything. Do not understand alot though.

    I just got my kiln (Jen-ken 15-6) for Christmas.  I do not understand what the difference is with the ramps (what each one does).  I think maybe if I know this, it will help me to correct everything, like bubbles,  squares that turn out to be circles, and lumpy.

    An example for my firing schedule is:

    ra 1 – 300   1175   .50

    ra 2 – 300    1400   .10

    ra 3 – full      960    .40

    ra 4 – 100     800    .00

    I have the pre programed Ez-pro controller.  The preset schedule did not work, way to hot.

    Any help would be really appreciated.



     Hi Diane –

    Here’s a brief explanation of the schedule you posted:

    ra 1 – 300   1175   .50  – initial heating and bubble squeeze

    ra 2 – 300    1400   .10 – this is your process temp

    ra 3 – full      960    .40 – rapid cooling and anneal hold

    ra 4 – 100     800    .00 – anneal cooling

    If you take a look at the firing schedules on this site (under “Tools” in the above menu) you will see that each segment of every schedule is explained.  Simply reviewing several of those can teach you a lot about firing schedules.

    Hope this helps Wink

    Helios Kiln Glass Studio



    Thank you Paul, I will look the firing schedule over.



    Do not depend on the pre-set schedules of your kiln. Learn to program it yourself and do so every firing.

    As I tell my students, learn to “think like the glass”. Try to fire the glass (go through the schedule) in your mind, then set thte kiln. It helps.

    Pre-sets are very general and made to be overkill.


    Barry Kaiser

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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