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    I made this bowl in Aventurine green and Grenadine streaky. The fusing came out well and I draped it once on the ceramic starfire mold with mr-97 but the shape was too boring. It retained its shiney surface and looked good that way.  I redraped on  the  ceramic starfire mold at 180 turn with mr-97 separator again as before but this time it came out with matt finished spots all over it where it touched the mold. Used the same firing schedule and all was the same as the first draping. How do I get it shiney again without completely refiring from the start. The shape is really great and I do not want to loose it during a fire polishing. Does anyone have suggestions?



    Diamond Hand Pads and cold working? Sandblasting perhaps? I fear a fire polish will cause it to lose its shape.





    I would probably sandlbast the piece, but you’d have to take it up to a higher temperature to get the shine back, and if it were draped over that mold, it will pick up the texture of the mold.  What you’re seeing is most likely devitrification or crystallization of the glass.  The only way I know to get rid of it is by sandblasting and refiring, but the fact that the piece was draped OVER a starfire mold is what’s causing the difficulty in fixing it.

    One thought would be to sandblast and firepolish with the bowl turned up, without the mold…it should flatten in the kiln and create a flat piece again.  It should also become shiny again.  Once cool, you could slump again over the starfire mold at the same temperature you used initially.

    I wish I had a better suggestion!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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