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    I just purchased a new kiln – my first! I unpacked it today and it came with a large piece of fiber paper? I have never seen paper this thick. In the classes I have taken, I have used the very thin shelf paper that turns to dust after firing. I’m not sure how to use the sample that came with the kiln. It’s probably about 1/8″ thick (or less) and it’s very fibrous on one side and smooth on the other. First question – can I use it as is or do I have to pre-fire it? Second question, which side goes “down” toward the shelf and which side goes “up” toward the glass? Next, is it reusable? Lastly, what else do I need to know about it?

    Thanks for your help!



    While fiber paper is not an advanced material, I would suggest you put it off to the side to use  later in your fusing life.You are at a wonderful stage that you have a great new toy (kiln) and you are going to have a great time just fusing glass.

    Fuse some glass. Then fuse some more. The fiber paper would be just a confusing distraction at present. In a month or 2 you can pull it out and do some nifty things with it.


    Have a great time.


    Barry Kaiser

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    petra kaiser

    Hi Barb,

    fiber paper is also used to make channels in jewelry, to kiln carve and to make small molds. If you happen to have my book “Introduction to Glass Fusing” you will find several projects in it to use fiber paper in many creative ways. In this you tube video you will be introduced to the book if you don’t have it yet.

    Funny that the 2 answers are from Kaiser – but we are not related Smile – Have fun with your new kiln!


    petra kaiser –


    Hi Petra,

    I do have your book, so I will check it out and see how I can use the fiber paper. In the meantime, I’ll be using the Thinfire shelf paper that I already know how to use. I’m just anxious to get started! My kiln is finally out of the box and set up, so now I just need to find a block of time to play… Laughing

    Thanks for your comments!


    Lynn g

    OK, my name is not Kaiser…but my medical insurance is!!Wink

    Seriously, I wanted to suggest you check out bullseye’s website under “Education” (even if you plan to use System 96 glass, there’s still a ton of useful information here).  Their Tipsheet #1 on Kilncarving will give you lots of information on the types of fiber paper and how to use them.


    Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for the information about the Bullseye site. There really is tons of information out there that will be helpful.

    My best, Barb


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    I line the bottom of my kilns with the thicker fiber paper. That may be why they included it (or not!)

    You’ll want some sort of protection against accidental overflow :). Kiln wash works, too.

    Dana W.

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