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    I hope to make a 12 inch long, about 9 inch high, two inch narrow flower vase using 1″ fiber board.  I will cut both front and back vase molds into 10 x 10 pieces.  I will place the 12 x 10 glass on each mold so on three sides, the glass will fall over the edges, leaving the top side of the glass on top of the mold for the vase opening.  Once both sides are fused separately, I understand I can “fuse” the two pieces of glass together to form a seal again water leakage.   The combined thickness around the outside of the vase will be 6mm so i will also need a holder of some kind.

    Will this process work?  How do I fuse the sides together to make a tight seal without destroying the shape of either side of glass? I’ve seen this on display in Sacramento at a place called Rainbow glass.   i will also need to find a display wrought iron or glass to hold te vase.   I’ve also seen a vase like this at a friend’s house who bought the vase.   The two sides are not fused together.  There is some type of gummy substance holding the two sides together and making a tight seal.   The wrought iron frame/stand must have been made for it.

    I would love some help to confirm my ideas are sound and ideas of how best to fuse or stick the two pieces of glass together.   And, of course, where to find a display stand that can hold a 6mm thick piece of glass that will be 12″ by 10″.

    Thanks for any help. 

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