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    I am a new member. I recently bought a Paragon kiln with lid on top. I have very much to learn and want therefore to start by doing some of the tutorials Paul so generously donated to the forum.

    I will try my hand att his puddles. I think I understand most of it but have a question about how far thr stacks of glass need to apart from one another. I am not a mathematician but here is what I thought:

    If my stack is 25 mm high and this stack wants to go down to the infamous 6 mm in height am I thhen correct in assuming that my stack will be 4,75 mm larger at each side?

    This is how I did my arithmatic

    25mm minus 6 mm = 19 mm

    19 mm : 4 = 4.75  mm

    The reason I wanted to know is is to be sure that I had enough plce between them when placing the stacks in my kiln.


    Grateful for an answer/explanation and greetings from  still not white Sweden




    It’s a matter of volume. Let’s say the mass will not be altered in the process; so, the volume will be the same at the end. This volume is calculated by Surface (S)  X Height (H). So, beginning S X H = ending S X H.

    So, (beginning S X H) / (ending H) = ending S.

    This ending Surface is the answer you need.



    Thank you for your answer. Not being a calculus wonder I need to mull this over. However, I took the plunge and placed them well apart. Their growth was actually not so far off as I calculated in my question. I used the fire scheme that was provided but had an awfull lot of small bubbles on the surface. I do not think it was devitrification though. Tomorrow I will do my second firing and keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks again!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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