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    I was given a sample 12×12″ sheet of Unifrax fiber paper. It looks, feels exactly like shelf paper. About 1/2″ thick. Unifrax makes high-end heat resistant stuff like insulation for areonautics and things for founderies. I can’t find anything online where people have used it for glass + kilns, but I’m thinking “what could go wrong!” (all my bad ideas start this way)

    Anyone ever used or heard of it?



    I would contact Unifrax directly and ask what the max temp is for the product. I didn’t look long on their web site, but at least some of the products look like they would not hold up to kiln temps:



    Dana W.

    Stephen Richard

    This company is the manufacturer of a wide range of ceramic fibre blankets.  Yes, of course, it can be used in the kiln.  The low temperature ones are rated to around 1200 – 1500 C I believe.

    Stephen Richard

    blogs at: http://www.verrier-glass.blogspot.com/ and  http://www.glasstips.blogspot.com/


    We have a roll of the Unifrax fiber blanket and use it in the kiln, and also use it for flameworking (cooling the beads.) No problems here. That is their business.


    Thank you all for replies. I’ll try it and see how it goes.



    Brad Walker, at http://www.warmglass.com, sells it.

    Information available at http://www.warmglass.com/110J.htm

    I just bought some and lined some casting pans with it.  Don’t have to change it like you do fiber paper.

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