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    I recently purchased a used kiln the Evenheat Rampmaster II. Does anyone have this kiln that may share some firing schedules with me.I tried several different schedules from books,articiles and online but thought if I could start with a schedule someone with the same kiln uses maybe I could tweek it better. I have tried several on my own but am not happy with the results. getting some devitravacation and bubbles. have tried different bubble squeeze schedule with some success but still getting parts of glass looking a bit matte. This kiln seems designed more for ceramic so was wondering if there are some special allowances I need to make in my schedule. My other kiln I can set to only use the side elements . Is this kiln capable of that? wondering if heating from sides and top are affecting my outcome, especially the devitravacation.  Thanks


    I have the 23-13 and use the schedules I got with my evenheat pro.  I have found that the 23-13 fires hotter by about 30 degrees.I am working to adjust the evenheat pro schedules to work with the 23-13 but haven’t perfected yet.  I haven’t had any devitravacation problems.  I haven’t tried it but the manual for the 23-13 says you can use ther sides and turn the top off.  I think it’s under “other”.  Hope I was able to help.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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