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    I primarily work with float glass, but I have a small job making something using some Bullseye, so I found your firing schedule pages.  On the schedule for firing to full fuse, 6mm glass, everything makes sense until the final annealing ramp down “time for segment”, which states that going from 700 to 100 at 400/hr would take 4:48.  Due to my age, I checked to see if I might be going senile, and just “don’t understand”, but I think the computer keyboard malfunctioned at some point.Smile



    Am quite new around here but just looked over the firing schedule in question and the spreadsheet that generated the 4:48 time.  The spreadsheet in the download has some logic built in that accounts for your particular kiln’s maximum ramp capability (both going up and down in temperature).  If the specified ramp is greater than the max ramp then the value from the “max ramp” table is substituted in the time calculation.  Note ther orange color of the spreadsheet cells and the accompaning notes.  Pretty cool.



    Similar subject – 1st project in Waste Not IV book. The slump schedule on page 8 of the book bears no relationship (when converted to Centigrade for UK) to that shown in the appendix on pg 56. Which is correct? Any ideas please?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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